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At Lacueillette International, We buy and sell Cashew nut, Gold, Tantalite,Diamond,Copper,Silver,Coffee and Timber.

We also do precious metal smelting like Gold,Silver.


Gold is a metal occurring in free elemental (native) form, as nuggets or grains, in rocks in veins and in alluvial deposits.


Small scale mining, Medium scale mining


We do farming of all kinds using the latest technology.

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About Us

LA CUEILLETTE INTERNATIONAL LTD is Ugandan company established in 2007 in the Republic of Uganda and registered with the registrar of business and companies in 2017 under registration number 80020000041305. One of the priority activities of the company are mineral exploration, mining, Farming, Tantalite, Casanate, Timbers and processing of tantalum concentrate as well as tungsten (wolfram) concentrate. The end users of our product are leading companies in different fields. We have strong relationships with mineral traders around the world. Operations of the company are looked after by well-qualified and experienced team of professionals.
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